July 03, 2012


Hubby is handy with just about everything. It's been something I've forever been grateful for ever since I married him. Car needs an oil change? He's happy to do it. Need ceiling fans installed in our house when we moved in? He's up in the attic feeding wires and cutting holes and voila! Ceiling fans. Need bunk beds because we have a baby on the way and my two girls will be sharing a room in a matter of months? No problem. He comes home from Harbor Freight and Home Depot with the tools and the wood to do it.

(Which, by the way, is a fabulous solution, because Craig's List was just not forthcoming with the bunk beds. Why do people think their junk is worth so much money? Ugly junk, too.)

And while I think that all this is fabulous and he has my eternal gratitude and love forever and ever, the cutest thing about it is seeing my four-year-old be his best helper and shadow because 1) she's been begging for bunk beds, 2) she always wants to help her daddy, and 3) hubby took the week off, and any day when dad is home is a holiday.

So this morning he and I were talking about how we wanted the bunk bed ladder to look. My cute girlie quietly gets a pen and paper and sits at the table. I'm thinking she's just drawing. She comes back a minute later and says, "This is how I want the ladder." She had drawn up her own plans. And we're going with them :)

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