March 25, 2012

Bound...A Week Early!

So Bound is now out there! If you've been waiting, you can now get it. But a week early? So the story goes like this...

Hubby: You've had it ready for two weeks now. What are you waiting for?

Me: The release date.

Hubby: Really? Some random date even though it's ready?

Me: Yes...

Hubby: Why?

Me: Umm...

Hubby: Just release it!

Me: Okay. (His logic was overwhelming.)

So I guess, um, early April Fool's? :)

It's available as an ebook through both Smashwords and Amazon. It's available as a paperback through Amazon and CreateSpace. It will be available through other ebook retailers in a few weeks. Check the Books tab for availability. Enjoy and spread the word!