December 10, 2011

More Content

I've added some exciting new content to my blog. Well, I think it's exciting new content, because it's stuff I've written. And stuff that more and more people are reading. Hooray for new readers! (And thank you. Seriously. You guys rock.) So what is the new content you ask?

Sample chapters. (Told you it was nifty!)

If you go to that spiffy Books page, you'll find links called "Read the first chapter." And guess where they take you? To a page where you can read the first chapter of the book! How about that! So if you'd like a quick-'n'-easy sample (you know, instead of having to go to a retail site), just click the link and enjoy. And then go to the retail site and purchase the book :)

Remember, my books are only 99 cents for the holidays!

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